October 16, 2011

Simple Pleasures: Generosity

 Narayanan Krishnan: Companion To The Forgotten

"What is the ultimate purpose of life?" Narayanan Krishnan asks in the video above.

"Giving", he answers.

Generosity is a boon whether it is given, or received. If our problem is greed, then generosity is the solution.

"These are my friends", Mr. Krishnan says of the 400 homeless and hungry people he feeds and cares for. "I get energy from them."

Giving is the ultimate simple pleasure.


  1. I've seen this video before. So incredibly moving. Giving is a key ingredient to happiness. They say that if you're feeling blue the best way to boost your mood is to do exercise or to go out in nature. I'd add to that, doing something nice for someone. Works every time.
    Have a great week! I'm off to Edmonton/Jasper for work this week. It'll be nice to see family and a few friends.

  2. Geneviève,

    My favorite mood booster is exercise in nature, and if I go too long without it I go a little off. Helping others is very gratifying, too, and even just a smile or kind word can transform someone's day.

    Enjoy central Alberta. The fall colours should be spectacular. Say "Hi" to the fine folks at Sundance Housing Coop it you make it over there. We miss being with them, tucked comfortably into the river valley. Beautiful!

    We haven't seen the Rockies for a few years now. Miss them, too. Are you taking the train? It is a great way to go.

    Take care.


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