June 17, 2011

Simple Pleasures: Laughter

I enjoy laughing a lot, and I think most people do. Laughing, giggling, guffawing, and letting go is good for you. Usually.

In my high school days I was driving my family's car with a friend riding shotgun. My friend told me a joke that made me laugh so hard I sailed through a yield sign with my head thrown back.

In my state of hilarity I did not notice the truck bearing down on us from the left. It hit us in the rear of the car. After spinning completely around we landed in a shroud of dust on the manicured front lawn of a tidy house.

At the time that incident was not very funny. Especially when the family ride was written off and sent to the auto wreckers. But it makes me laugh now, especially to consider how my laughter ended up in us getting a new car.

Laughter is an expression of joy experienced in the moment. It is as essential an ingredient in life as food, but is not fattening in the least. Quite the opposite - humour and laughter are good for us.
"Your sense of humor provides a powerful antidote to immuno-suppressive effects of stress in two ways, through:
  1. Direct effects of humor and laughter upon the immune system,
  2. Indirect effects resulting from humor’s ability to help you cope on the tough days.
The simple truth is that happy people generally don’t get sick."
- Bernie Siegel
Indulge yourself, and have a good, hard laugh. Repeat. But please, only when it is safe to do so. 

Warning: Do not convulse with hilarity, have a fit of laughter, or ROFL while operating machinery.


  1. You got a smile out of me with this post! Thanks.

  2. Holly, Savoring Servant,

    I am glad you enjoyed this, and that it gave you a smile. I enjoy laughing, and I enjoy making others laugh.

    After this accident my dad sure wasn't laughing, but he enjoyed humour in his life too, and eventually we laughed about the demise of the family car.

    With 5 kids, this was not the only accident to challenge my parents sense of humour.

    Have a funny day.


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