June 8, 2011

Hungry? Living In An RV? Move On Buddy...

(click to enlarge) From: LA Times

More and more cities are becoming officially anti-poor, but not as in helping eliminate poverty. Burbank, as shown by the above cartoon, isn't the best place to park your RV or other such wheeled abode for the night. So much for the freedom of the open road. Municipalities can think up all kinds of crazy bylaws to discourage the poor from, well, living, basically.

A friend recently told me of one such bylaw which states something like, "It is unlawful to feed the homeless". Orlando and Houston are two cities that a quick search reveals do not allow sympathetic citizens to help the less fortunate eat. You would think we were talking about feeding wild animals in a national park.

So much for simplicity and compassion. "Move along non-rich slackers. Nothing to eat here. Oh, and that will be $5 bucks for parking here last night. Please pay before you leave our town and never come back... unless you get money to spend."

Soon only the rich will have non-wheeled, stationary homes, and enough to eat. What will the rest of us do?

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