June 27, 2011

No Luxury Monday

Diogenes taught that simplicity leads to happiness
Diogenes lived in Athens, Greece in the fourth century BC. He believed that happiness was achieved through meeting basic needs and eschewing luxury. He lived as he taught, and resided in a barrel in the Agora, an outdoor meeting place. 

Diogenes felt that the person with the most was the one who is content with the least.

While the barrel was enough for the Athenian, the world was not enough for Alexander the Great. He is to have said "Had I not been Alexander, I should have liked to be Diogenes."

Once, while Diogenes was sunning himself, Alexander came up to him and offered to grant him any request. "Stand out of my light," Diogenes replied.

Nothing can give us the deep pleasure and satisfaction as the basic, simple things in life. Luxury is counterproductive.

Better to sleep in a basic bed while free, than in a luxurious bed while bound.

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