January 8, 2011

Working Together

Once my father accused me of being "so damn independent". I didn't think it was possible to be too independent. Don't parents want kids to be independent as soon as possible?

"Ok, now that you are walking can we get a little hand with moving the furniture?"

My dad was frustrated because he wanted to help me, and I was pretty low maintenance and self-contained. But I was missing balance.

I was missing the fact that one needs to be able to incorporate both giving and receiving. Most of us have difficulty with receiving, giving, or both, but it seems that in our culture, with so much emphasis on individualism, more of us have problems with receiving comfortably.

Giving is associated with positive attributes like generosity and strength. Cultural conditioning has prepared us to see the act of receiving in a different light. We may think of selfishness, neediness, or vulnerability. But it is not this way in healthy human interactions. We need both. We need each other.

If my dad were still around, in addition to helping him out, I would be more accepting of his help. This cycle is as natural as exhaling and inhaling.

Things work out best when we freely receive and give in a natural flow of energy and life. Our collective liberation depends on it.

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