January 31, 2011

The Adventures Of Unemployed Man

I love a good laugh, as most of us do. Martin Luther King said, "I think a great deal of truth often comes through laughter." Indeed. The moment we lose our sense of humour is the moment we are in deep trouble. We need to laugh at the world, and at ourselves. When we let mirth into our lives, new ideas emerge.

And boy, when it comes to the economy and unemployment, we need new ideas. In The Adventures of Unemployed Man by Erich Origen and Gan Golan, we laugh while realizing the truths about the unemployed uncovered by the main superhero character as he confronts the evil Just Us League.

The Ultimatum - Dark Night of Self Help - starts out admonishing the unemployed to overcome the laziness that he thinks is holding them back from achieving The American Dream. But soon he learns about how the economic game is structured, and realizes that his motivational vigilantism and self help slogans won't be enough.

Ultimatum's day job as alter ego millionaire Bruce Paine has him overseeing Paincorp, the empire left to him by his father. When Paine confronts the board with what he has found out about the poor treatment of their workers, the board - chaired by The Man - oust him. As one of the unemployed now, Ultimatum begins to see the world through different eyes.

No more butternut Manhattan leather recliner from Pottery Barn in a 100 room mansion. Ultimatum's new digs are a tent in a tent city. But the residents there enlighten him further on the plight of the unemployed, and the evil evilness of the all powerful Just Us League that keeps them in their place.

Before long the big U on ex-millionaire Bruce Paine's chest stands for "Unemployed Man". And now instead of blaming the unemployed he is fighting the powers that are exploiting the common people for their own evil purposes.

Want to laugh while learning truths about distinctly unfunny things such as the disintegrating global economy, unchecked capitalism, and rampant inequality? Check out The Adventures of Unemployed Man.

Will Ultimatum motivate and inspire positive change? Will the people overcome The Invisible Hand and SuperMax? Will the dreaded Debt Blob eat everything in sight? Visit your public library to find out.

Fantastic Facts
"Thirty years ago, corporate CEOs were paid only around 78 times more than minimum wage earners. Today's CEOs earn over 4000 times more! In fact, they can make more in one year than average earners (not the lowest) make in 90 years! They're that good."

"If the USA maintained the same income distribution we had in the 1970s, the work force would earn at least three times as much as they do today - averaging about $120,000 instead of today's $40,000. As of 2007, income inequality was higher than any year on record, save one: 1928. Happy days are here again."
From: The Adventures of Unemployed Man

Funny, eh? It might be time for all of us to be superheros and have our own Ultimatum-approved revolution. I am sure the elites in the Just Us League would get a kick out of that.

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