January 15, 2011

Are You Outraged Yet?

I like to be as positive and optimistic as I can, but at times a bit of outrage can propel me into action faster. And it seems like there is more and more to be outraged about all the time.

A growing income gap between rich and poor, an economic system based on greed and exploitation, human-induced environmental collapse, and ineffective governments bought out by big business, are only some examples of outrageous situations that should be activating us in our quest for what we know to be fair and right. But it takes a lot to motivate the average North American, now weighed down by record amounts of fat and stuff.

When I was in Spain in 2002 thousands protested in the streets because the price of wine had gone up a bit. I remember thinking that such a thing would never happen back at home. We would just take the increase in stride and vow to work harder and make more money so we could still afford our favourite bottle.

Why aren't more of us outraged enough to take action against self-serving individuals who sacrifice the environment, their fellow humans, and plain decency in their quest for more? I wonder what it will take to jar us out of our comfortable complacency. I am not interested in inciting riots (much), but I would like to incite a bit of change.

Time to get outraged. Time to get busy.

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