August 25, 2015

Down To The Seaside

When I look out my window I can see heat waves shimmering over the now golden grasses and last flowers of the season that grow in the fields surrounding our house. Everything is sluggish with heat exhaustion, and even the flies are walking.

Our last home (until last August) on the west coast was right on the water so hot summer days were moderated considerably. It was possible, and sometimes quite necessary, to wear a sweater and wool hat year round.

Our new place up in the hills of south western Nova Scotia is a few kilometres off the water and its cooling influence. Up here it is hot and humid in a way that we still need to acclimatize to before it won't feel like we are a Dali clock melting in a sizzlingly surreal scene. 

While we don't drive much, yesterday it got so hot in the hood that we decided to go down to the seaside for some relief. We discovered a local park that surprised us with its beauty, and only a short drive from home.

Green energy projects like these wind generators on the hillside also take advantage of the steady ocean breezes. 

Immediately upon arrival we noted the cool breeze coming off the water. Ahh - nature's air conditioning. We stayed until we cooled and were solidifying once again.

This refrigerated reality will do quite nicely when heat regulation is required. Stay cool out there.


  1. Stormy weather here in Norway, and lots and lots of rain and thunder. Stange and wonderful world we have, with all it's diversity. Beautiful pictures. Pam in Norway

  2. It feels like Autumn here in the Ohio valley. They say that the hotter temperatures will soon return, so I'll enjoy the cool breezes while they last.

  3. That water is so blue! Such a beautiful place to cool off. I'd be hanging out there a lot. Doesn't look like there are any people there. Nice.

    It has been miserably hot and very humid (the worst part) here the past few weeks. Some drier air from the north blew in here yesterday afternoon and it was nice today, still hot but not so humid. I love that the sun is not so high in the sky this time of year, so even though the temperature is still pretty high, it doesn't feel so hot unless there is the humidity factor.

    How is Linda doing with the humidity? I know that was a concern.


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