August 23, 2015

The Satirical Art of Steve Cutts

Warning: viewing these images may cause discomfort, ennui, and a deep desire to live simply.

Some people are able to highlight uncomfortable truths more effectively via visual art. Artist/illustrator/animator Steve Cutts is one such individual.

Steve's art doesn't hold anything back in his assessment of the state of the world infected by consumerism. Psychopathic billionaires, getting trapped in the rat race, phone zombies, office escapees, conspicuous consumers - they are all addressed in this painful portfolio.

The artist describes himself as a "self taught hermit who occasionally likes to make animation, illustration, sculpture and cake - mainly cake". You can see his short animated piece about the destructiveness of consumer culture here.


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    1. It is my pleasure to bring you Steve Cutts' disturbing and thought provoking artistic expression. The pictures speak for themselves.

  2. Powerful. Will surely share with my kids - better than the usual lecture!!

    Every time I have seen a woman with a pram lately, she is texting or talking on the phone. What's happening to us? I had no phone when my kids were little, and that time when I was pushing them in the pram was a time of freedom and deep joy. I actually remember looking at all of the 'suits' going to work as I walked on a sunny morning and thinking how incredibly lucky I was to be just walking along living my life, not needing to be anywhere. I'm sure the addition of a phone would have destroyed the experience completely.


    1. My favourite state of being is described in your comment

      - "just walking along living my life, not needing to be anywhere".

      I love that feeling. Priceless.

  3. I quit my job. 8 days to go. Let the adventure begin!

    1. Way to GO! Today, I learned that the work at one of my part time jobs is ending. This might mean trouble financially, for now I am dancing in delight! Such relief!

    2. Thanks! I don't want to miss so much of my family life anymore. My company is getting worse and worse, refusing vacation time, making us work weekends and holidays and 6 day weeks. I don't think there Is enough money to compensate for missing so many milestones. My new insurance will just be for a big emergency, so I will have to stay healthy. But I think working for my company is a big cause of illness.

    3. If you didn't feel like quitting your job before viewing Steve Cutts' art, you might after. I would rather live on the street (or in my van) than have to work a job that wasn't good for me or others, or the planet.

      Congratulations on your decision. It takes a lot of guts to do what you are doing. I applaud anyone that is willing to make the hard choices in order to live in the way they want to live, and there are many that are doing just that visiting this blog and sharing their experiences.

      Simple living is not easy - many sacrifices need to be made, and without any support from official channels it can be a challenge. But so worth it to not be an exploited drone doing the dirty work for the 1%ers and those who want to join them.

      True wealth is time. Time for you and your family. Cutting expenses and only buying what you need can get you that time back. Good luck, and do stay healthy. I would love to know more about how your project progresses, and if there is anything we can do to support you.

  4. This post and every single word in comments here resonates deeply with me. I had to look up what a "pram" is, LOL! I've seen plenty of those. I've also seen little people in them that in my mind should be walking, getting exercise. They seem to start strapping kids in early (for safety understandably when they are little) but they stay with it way too long in my estimation. I get your point about texting, it keeps mothers disengaged with themselves and sadly their children.

    I saw a young mother in a store the other day with one kid that was plenty old enough to be walking and another kid about 8 years old. The mother stopped right in the middle of the main isle to type texts on her phone like it was urgent, the house was on fire or something. The older kid wondered slightly from the kid in the stroller and the mother yelled pretty loud at him for proceeding on as they were doing before the urgent text interruption snagged her attention. I could not help but say something with my expression of disapproval. Damn phones make people on call like its urgent so much so they abandon their children. LIke Madeleine says, cell phones destroy the experience. Well said.

    No one cares that you are in Target buying some diapers. Nobody.

    I scrolled through the pictures above several times trying to pick a favorite. Couldn't do it. They are all excellent. I watched the video twice. I will save link and send to people next time they treat me like I am so weird for choosing to live more simply. Gosh these are good.

    1. When you look at things globally, simple living people outnumber the over-consumers. On a finite planet with a growing population it is not difficult to see who are the real weird ones here.

      I like to identify with the majority of humans that live simply rather than with the ones still trying to out-do their neighbours in a never ending stuff competition.

      So much bullshit these days, so little time for it...

  5. I love this blog and all the artists!


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