March 18, 2015

Spring Is Here

More deep snow in the back yard woods after yet another blizzard.

Spring is here. Well, not actually here where I live. While our previous home on the west coast has been enjoying spring like weather since January, here in Nova Scotia spring is being buried by yet another dump of powdery snow.

Today we have been having the second big storm in three days, with strong winds moving the snow into huge drifts up the sides of houses and across the highway. Most of today has been a total white out.

Weather doesn't get much more exciting (or beautiful) than spring snow storms - I can't resist them. So I strapped on the snowshoes and went out to experience the full force of what could be our last big storm of the season.

Crossing the field below my house exposes me to wild winds that gust over the top of our hill, but the margin of the forest is close by.

As soon as I descend down a slope and into the safety of a conifer forest, it is perfectly calm. Even though the wind can be heard howling above, down here snowflakes are gently falling. I continue through a snow-muffled forest looking for evidence that spring is here.

I don't find any.

But as far as storms go, this has been one of the best winters of my life. And spring is here, on the calendar at least.


  1. Beautiful photograph... I can't resist snowstorms either.. their beauty is breathtaking and the best way to experience it is to do what you did, strap on the snowshoes and take a plunge. :)

    1. Kamyria,

      It has been a very exciting winter, and I have never snowshoed so much before. I am happy that I took full advantage of this record breaking event. Another snow storm is forecast for the weekend...

  2. Gorgeous View! We had a bit of snow this morning, but it's all melted now. So glad that you're enjoying a different kind of Winter!

  3. This is really a wonderful post.


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