March 14, 2015

Who Are The Real Terrorists?

From Amnesty International:
Dear Government of Canada: 
I believe my government should protect Canadians from threats including terrorism. But not at any cost. 
I am concerned that the widely expanded powers and new criminal offences in Bill C-51 put our human rights at risk. I urge you to withdraw Bill C-51. National security reforms must meet Canada’s human rights obligations. 
Human rights should not be seen as obstacles or impediments to security, but rather as the very key and roadmap to security. 
I further urge you to:

  • Adopt a legislated human rights framework for Canada’s national security program. 
  • Carry out and make public a full assessment of past cases and existing laws, tools and resources in the area of national security before considering expanded powers and other reforms. 
  • Establish robust oversight and effective review of agencies and departments engaged in national security activities.

Sign the petition here.

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