March 9, 2015

From Snowdrops To Snowdrifts

We enjoyed snowdrops every February for the past 9 years living in Victoria, BC.

In a shocking state of affairs, Linda and I are realizing that we moved from snowdrops to snowdrifts when we shifted our home base from the west coast of Canada to its eastern shores. Weather wise it could not have happened in a more contrasting time than this past winter.

While the west coast has been basking in record high temperatures this winter, the east coast has been the exact opposite. Locals in Nova Scotia tell us they haven't seen a cold and snowy winter like this for decades.

This was our February this year near Digby, NS.

Meteorologists confirm the local knowledge - this has been a record-breaking winter in Nova Scotia. The area has had colder temperatures and deeper drifts than any time since records have been kept out here. But it's not all bad.

This eastern record-smashing winter has been an excellent excuse to hunker down and do some serious hibernating in our new location. When we haven't been under the covers we have been huddling by the wood fire, something we have only been able to enjoy previously while camping.

Our house has felt like a back country cabin, the kind that we used to have to drive to the mountains and cross country ski to over long trails in order to enjoy. And I have had one of the best winters of my life for snowshoeing.

Our winter has been similar to our shift to simpler living - some of the changes can be difficult to make, but an improved quality of life is the result. Before long you come to love it.

Having said that, we are ready for spring. So ready. I want to see flowers in the ground, not in a vase.


  1. Weather has been weird in the UK too. 'Records' broken every month or passing season. At the weekend our daytime temp. was 16 degrees C, today it was back to 2 with a heavy frost as well. Seems to me that global warming is perhaps the most pressing reason of all to embrace an anti-consumer lifestyle.

    1. Charlotte,

      So many great reasons to embrace anti-consumer lifestyles, and none (that I can think of) not to. Globally our climate has been doing some unprecedented things over the past few years... troubling. On the other hand, 16 degrees above sounds wonderful.

  2. Coming from west to east of Canada will take some adjustment but it looks like you have a right attitude. :) All along the east coast we've been blessed with record cold for a second year in the row. I like hibernating in the winter though... nothing like slowing down and embracing simple life while curled up on the couch with a good book. :D

    1. Kamyria,

      We do love winter, so this has been our best snowy season in years. I am glad that I got to take advantage of one of the winteriest winters on record. It is good to know we can live through, and even enjoy, an event like this.

      I have noted that a harsh winter brings people together in a way that calm, gentle weather does not.

  3. Anonymous3/11/2015

    Just saw my first Robins of the year. It has been a long snowy Winter, but Spring is just around the corner. Our massive snow piles are starting to melt.

    1. Miss Marla,

      Those are very positive signs! No robin sightings here, yet, but our snow is beginning to melt. There is a winter storm advisory for Sunday, so I guess winter is not over yet. Maybe more snowshoeing in the woods...


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