March 13, 2015

Too Much Meat

Eating excessive amounts of meat may be easy and tasty, but it is not efficient, sustainable, nutritionally necessary, or good for human health.

“If 22 bushels (1,300 pounds) of rice and 22 bushels of winter grain are harvested from a quarter acre field, then the field will support five to ten people each investing an average of less than one hour of labour per day.  
But if the field were turned over to pasturage, or if the grain were fed to cattle, only one person could be supported per quarter acre.  
Meat becomes a luxury food when its production requires land which could provide food directly for human consumption. This has been shown clearly and definitely.  
Each person should ponder seriously how much hardship they are causing by indulging in food so expensively produced.”
- Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution

And yet global meat consumption is increasing.

But where do you get your protein if you are eating less meat? There are many tasty alternatives including yummy vegetables like broccoli, kale, spinach and edamame.

Eating less meat is healthier, and it frees up land and food that will be available to feed people directly instead of feeding animals to be used to feed people. Reducing meat consumption will also help expand your home cookery into new and tasty places. 

Here's to more meatless meals, and better personal and environmental health. 


  1. I totally agree with you Gregg. Great post. I still eat meat but I've reduced my consumption considerably since becoming awake few years ago. I only eat meat once a day in the winter and in the summer probably 3 times a week or even 2. I also eat in smaller quantities than before. I try to encourage my family to make a change too but it's tough. People are so stuck on meat products. Today most of my diet is plant food and I've never felt better. I even lost those last 10 lbs most women can't shake. Wholesome plant food based diet (no processed food) is the best thing we can do for our bodies and the environment. :)

    1. Kamyria,

      Reducing meat consumption is a hard sell anywhere people can afford it. It is tasty. But so are meatless meals. Since reducing our meat consumption we have been introduced to so many beautiful foods that are delicious and good for you as well. Our cooking is so much more creative now than when we ate meat and processed foods.

      We just had a visit to our doctor for blood work results which were very positive for both Linda and I. We attribute this to eating low on the food chain (and other benefits of living simply, like a low-stress environment).

      I am sure you are affecting your family more than you know, or they will admit. The way we eat is changing - just ask the new head hamburger of McDonalds.

  2. Anonymous3/16/2015

    Some of the alternatives to meat aren't available in my area. It's still possible to eat a plant based diet, there just aren't the choices in menu. I think the tide is turning from a meat based diet overall. As you say, ask the new head of McD's.


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