December 22, 2013

Happy Winter Solstice


  1. Happy Winter Solstice Gregg and Linda!!

    I'd love to hear how some of your readers celebrate the solstice.

    My plan was to get up and watch the sunrise, then go out and watch the sunset, Unfortunately it rained really hard and was so windy, the sun wasn't really visible. I also like to put out out a few veggies and fruits for my fellow creatures. That had to wait until today with a bit of a clear up. I should have planned some inside activities as well.

    Anyone want to share?

    1. Miss Marla,

      We like to watch the sun rise on solstice too, but we have been obscured in fog and cloud for the past few days. Instead we got up in the pre-dawn dark and watched the light slowly illuminate and enlighten the new day, and the new year. Candles are nice after sunset.

      In the past we have spent the day in the outdoors with friends - skating on an outdoor rink or pond, cross country skiing in the backcountry, or a hike and campfire to gather around. Now we spend it on the beach if the weather is nice, or watch birds come to our porch to eat our offerings.

      Spending time with family and friends sharing good food is always nice, too.

      Wishing you well in the new year.

  2. Ach, we kind of "missed" Winter Solstice this year... We just got a 2nd dog, as a companion for our 1st dog, and the past 10 days have been wholly dog-related, particularly as both are from an animal shelter and former strays and hence have quite a few peculiarities ;-)
    So, with Winter Solstice getting far less advertising and small talk dedicated to it, it kind of passed us by this year. I think we might need to do a "catch up" tho, as I miss having honoured it.
    By contrast, I've started on my New Year's Resolutions early - one of which is living really simply, frugally, de-cluttering in 2014 and beyond - which is how I found this website today...
    Many thanks for such a great resource! I've been reducing and simplifying for some years now, but have decided it's time to make a big, concerted push now... and seeing such great material here is a big inspiration!!


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