December 17, 2013

Use Only What You Need

What is the first thing you think when you see this billboard?

It is easy to fall prey to the "bigger is better" way of thinking. I found a pocket of it in my own thinking when I looked at the image above.

What was the first thing you thought about after looking at the billboard? Mine was that they should have used the whole billboard for their message. Then I thought about the message.

Although the sign refers to water usage, the idea conveyed can be applied to anything. Even here they used just the amount of billboard space for what they needed.

Would bigger have been more effective? No.

Think small and use only what you need.


  1. Also in my opinion, it is something new and really suitable for this context to use just a piece of the billboard. They have used only what they needed - what would be more effective? Would love to see more like this in our neighborhood, too.

    1. Nadia,

      Too bad the anti-consumerists don't have the advertising budget the consumerists have...

  2. Quite clever.
    I wonder how many others will interpret the message for broader consumption rather than just water.
    Hopefully everyone who sees it. Most us us in Canada need to make do with less.

    1. Trmist,

      Most Canadians are terribly spoiled. I don't see how it can last.

  3. My first thought was, how clever to make a point! So needed in a broader sense, especially at this time of year.

  4. I hate billboards, but love this! Thanks for sharing!



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