December 30, 2013

Resolve To Do Less Monday

A New Year's resolution is a promise that you make to yourself, to do more of something good or less of  something bad, on the first day of the year (and often, for not much longer). One reason many fail to implement resolutions long term is because life is already so busy.

What a way to start a new year - by adding more to a busy schedule. So this year, resolve to do less.

Instead of adding things, resolve to take things off your lists. So much of what we do are furtive attempts to distract, or are attempts to live up to external, questionable expectations of society.

Stopping such things will enhance your new year instead of burdening it. Resolve to do less and end up living more.


  1. I am doing the resolution thing, but only in, hopefully achievable blocks of time, such as a week. So for example, for one week I will not watch the tv. Hopefully this will then continue, but if it can be done in Baby steps, hopefully I will stick to the challenges.

    1. T.M.,

      A journey of a thousand miles starts with a bunch of baby steps. Baby steps are doable. Happy New Year.

  2. This post came about a week after I deleted my "2014 goals" list off of my computer. I realized that although I have decluttered and simplified my life of material things, I have a tendency to fill it up instead with activities and accomplishments - and I don't even believe in goals! I could not agree more with the message of doing less and focusing more on the moment.


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