November 25, 2013

Black Madness Monday

Popularity of Black Friday Infographic

Unbelievable. Pre-plan your Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategy by refusing to participate in the Consumer Mania.

Have a Not Buying Anything White Friday instead.


  1. I can't believe this has actually /grown/ in participation from year to year. I wonder what other countries think of the United States when they even catch wind of this. I hate to say this, but I think there's a real, becoming-clear divide between the masses and then the likes of us who desire less and live light. I muse to my friend that "Man, 90% of the population is as dumb as hell!" but now it's serious. I used to have a "forgive them father for they know not what they do" attitude about it in the past, but when you begin to see your own friends and the younger generations give in to this crap (do they think the outcome will be different for them in some magical way?), you begin to feel like a revolution of one. It is the loneliest feeling sometimes...

    1. You're not alone. We are out here, just not as noisy and intrusive as big advertisers and mass media.

    2. Anonymous,

      Apparently Canada started "celebrating" Black Friday in 2008. Global economic meltdown? No problem - Go shopping! It boggles my mind that more and more people fall for the hype.

      Rest assured that you are not alone. While conspicuous consumption is still socially acceptable, this will change. Such behaviour is self-defeating and harmful to children and other living things. There are not enough resources, and the planet can not take the level of destruction stuff production demands.

      We are out here, and we do need to support one another as we swim against the prevailing current together. It can be isolating being surrounded by malls and advertising, but it does not have to be lonely. And I must say, the community of awesome folks gathering here on NBA is one of the most supportive and understanding groups of individuals I have ever encountered.

      Miss Marla,

      Maybe we need to get noisier?

  2. Thank you, Gregg, for being there:

    1. Maria,

      Thank you for the mention on your blog. I really like how you pulled your post together while musing on minimalism. Nice work.

      I added "Day By Day Loving Life" to the NBA Blogroll.

  3. and the majority of those items sold are made in third world countries and china by people who have inadequate working conditions. the majority of goods serve no useful purpose, other than to make large profits for corporations who don't care about people, other than themselves. what does it matter if all the stores stay closed until the next regular business day? just think of all the gas people would save, and money.

    1. e.a.f.,

      So many people suffer (and die) all around the globe in order for consumer countries to gobble up far more than their fair share of the planet's resources.

  4. I'd like to say it's black friday and what have I done today? I've gone to work at the clinic, came home, I've played with my little girl and spent time with my wife. Total spent today $0:) Friend of mine showed up at work did the whole midnight thing earlier. Was so exhausted (felt bad for her patients) was cranky, tired, already complaining how much she spent. I'll take my day:)

    1. Anon,

      What a beautiful buy nothing day. Perfect!

      Linda and I baked bread and listened to music.

      Thanks for sharing.


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