November 15, 2013

Take Care Of The Crumbs

Slicing homemade bread. And look at all those yummy crumbs!

I try not to waste anything, right down to the last bread crumb. I figure that the more you waste, the more you have to spend. For most of us, spending more means working more. It's not efficient or natural.

I generally assume that most people are like me in that they would like to be in the work state less and be in their natural state more. Indeed, a recent survey provides global evidence for this.

In the survey, only 13% of people reported enjoying their work. That was an improvement over 2010 when a whopping 11% of workers reported being meaningfully involved in their activities on the job.

Congratulations if you are included in this exclusive and fortunate group of people that enjoys their paid labour. If you find yourself in the other group, I recommend you start saving bread crumbs.

I have a jar in my cupboard in which I save the crumbs that fall on the counter when I slice our loaves of homemade bread. They may just be crumbs, but they are still technically 'food'.

I have a hard time throwing away food. It's not efficient. People pay good money to buy bread crumbs at the grocery store, so obviously they are a valuable resource. Therefore, I will not waste them.

In the name of efficiency, waste should be eliminated from the kitchen and all other areas of life as much as possible. Nature wastes nothing, and neither should we.

"Take care of the bread crumbs," I say, "and the meals will take care of themselves."


  1. on my bike i pass our bakery in our little village and i askes for "old bread ". so now i get "old bread "for nothing, i give them some chickeneggs in swop for the "old bread ". we are very happy with this swop and eat ├Âld bread "wich isnt really old afcorse, its bread from the morning. we save money on bread and no waste , sorry for my bad english, marion from holland

    1. Marion,

      That sounds like a beautiful arrangement. Your english is fine. Do you keep chickens?

    2. gregg we have 6 chickens and two ducks, we sell the eggs ore swop them, nice eh ?


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