November 24, 2013

Stay Calm... and Shop

Stay calm and shop.
Only 30 days left.

Time is running out. The effects of overconsumption and waste grow more evident by the day. How is a citizen to respond? The official message is: Stay calm and shop.

The only responsibility the average person has left is to continue to do their part and spend money on unnecessary things. Don't worry. Trust those that are profiting from everyone fulfilling their advertising-fueled desires.

An abundance of online propaganda will conveniently provide you with lists of things to want, like the list below which came from a website promoting Black Friday in both the US and Canada. Yes, we are entering prime consumer season.

There are even convenient online consumer countdown clocks to remind you that currently there are only 30 days left for you to do your part before Consumer Stuffmas arrives. If clicking on the link makes you nervous, consider having a low-key Buy Nothing Christmas this year.

If you are going shopping, here is that list that outlines a few items from the endless list of things you and your family are supposed to want.

Most Wanted Black Friday Deals For 2013
  1. iPad
  2. Computers/Laptops
  3. PS4
  4. Cameras
  5. Xbox 
  6. Furniture
  7. Golf Equipment
  8. Tires
  9. iPhone
  10. Snowboards
Doesn't anyone want food?


  1. Anonymous11/25/2013

    Every year, I watch the lead up to Black Friday and the things that happen on the day itself with increasing apprehension. Every year, the consumption-focused craziness seems to get worse and the results more appalling. And every year, my family and I back off from a typical Christmas even more. Gifts are few and far between now and tend towards the very meaningful when they are given. The real draw is taking a trip home to visit with family and friends, sharing a few meals, and perhaps playing some games or watching a movie together. We've never really discussed it - it's just kind of happened naturally since no one wants to be caught up in the consumerism and all that it seems to entail, but we're pleased that it did and enjoy our Christmases so much more now.

    1. If Not Here,

      Congratulations on getting off the consumer treadmill. What a stress reliever, not to mention money saver. Spend less, enjoy more.

      Way to go. I like what you are doing with your Xmas celebration, as well as your blog.

  2. There is nothing on that list I want or need. Lucky me because I can't afford them anyway. If I have extra money to spend it will go towards other "luxuries" like maybe a couple of steaks, honey crisp apples, cashews or chestnuts.

    1. Clamco,

      Mmmm, food. It is the only thing that I shop regularly for any more.


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