November 28, 2013

Anti-Shopping Mantras - Part I

There it is - the most simple, most effective anti-shopping mantra there is. It is effective because the majority of the time it is absolutely true.

"You don't need it."

Here are some bonus mantras to chant to yourself (or a persistent sales clerk) if you ever find yourself in a mall by mistake, surrounded by that "new stuff smell" and the whiff of the potential of a fleeting happiness with each purchase.

Alternate Anti-Shopping Mantras

"That's crap."

"Probably toxic."

"Contributes to global climate change."

"Will probably kill me."

"Made by child slaves."

"Produced in a sweatshop."

"Promoted by a billionaire who does not need any more money."

These will take all the fun out of buying stuff, and that is, of course, the point.


  1. Think : "I can do without it" and at the same time you are smiling and being proud of yourself.

    Hope the gramma is correct, been a while since I wrote i English :o)

    Enjoy your blog very much
    Greeting from Denmark

    1. Sine,

      I love how you describe the feeling you get when you realize you can do without most of what is being sold. It is liberating to not be controlled by unchecked desires which are usually the result of advertising, not need.

      Your english is great, thanks for commenting here.

  2. I always ask myself- if someone were to offer me the item in one hand or the cash in the other, which would I take? If the answer is I would take the money, then I obviously have no affinity for the item. Hopefully that makes sense.

    1. T.M.,

      That makes a lot of sense. I really like that perspective. Linda and I have long been choosing the cash, which has enabled us to escape the rat race. So far, anyway.

      Thanks for sharing your sensible suggestion.

  3. you can clear some stores, by simply telling yourself you will only buy things made in Canada or the U.S.A., in about 10 minutes.

    1. Namakemono12/05/2013

      That is something I have started doing (only not USA/Canada because that's not where I live) - it works wonderfully!

  4. Anvidh,

    Thank you so much for leaving your supportive comment. Glad you are finding our blog useful. I hope that India can refuse the lure of consumerism and greed. I think it can, and will.


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