May 18, 2012

The Joy Of Not Buying, Not Selling Anything

It is clear to visitors to this blog that I am not into buying anything, but what is less promoted is that I am not big on selling anything either. I am also a willing participant in the unpaid economy as all the work I currently do is without monetary compensation.

For all the armchair psychiatrists, I don't have chrometophobia (fear of money). It is more like a commerce or shopping phobia, except that it isn't a fear as much as a general distaste for buying and selling stuff.

I have no problem shopping for things I need, like groceries or guitar strings, but I can't get motivated for buying much beyond that. I feel like every unnecessary thing I buy reduces my liberty. Why would I work to make money so I can pay for less freedom?

I am even less motivated to sell things. I am told it can be fun, and lots of people enjoy the thrill of the transaction and resulting monetary reward. Not me. I would rather just give stuff away. I have enough, therefore selling things holds no advantage for me - I don't want or need more money.

Besides, giving things away feels better to me than selling them. It is said that if you are feeling helpless, the best way to feel better is to help someone else. When I give stuff away I feel like I am helping someone else, and that makes me feel helpful rather than powerless.

My neighbour must have caught the vibes of the give-away because, out of the blue, he gave me two pies yesterday. He felt good, I felt great. Our interaction was untainted by something as trivial as money, and therefore held a deeper meaning for both of us.

I am feeling the joy of not buying and not selling anything, and contrary to popular media, others are feeling it too.


  1. I much prefer giving to selling things. Selling seems such a hassle and 'colder' emotionally.

    1. Yes! And giving freely is such a joy.

  2. i totally relate to this sentiment. money taints interactions but we use it and need it anyway. i do not feel super motivated by lots of money, i feel like if my basic needs are met then the rest of the things and places and people that inspire happiness and reflect beauty are free...having more money often ends up confusing people. Simplicity is desirable. But I understand that not everyone feels the same way.

    1. I like free... and freedom. I know many people who are imprisoned by their desire for money, wealth, and the pursuit of the so-called Good Life.

      It makes me think of one of my favourite quotes by Lao Tzu:

      "Have little and gain; have much and be confused."


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