May 21, 2012

Earth Pledge Monday

I am no flag-waver. I am not patriotic or nationalistic. I would not pledge allegiance to any monarch, or to any nation.

Pledging allegiance to the Earth, however, is something that I think makes sense.

Such a pledge would commit to:
  • respecting all life
  • living sustainably in harmony with the environment
  • using resources wisely
  • cooperative abundance for all


  1. Anonymous5/21/2012

    Received some negative feedback when I posted this on facebook a while back. (American's especially are a patriotic, flag waving bunch).

    I'm in total agreement with You, an Earth pledge is the only one I'm willing to make. Equality for the whole, not just one country ,one species or one planet necessarily.

    1. I think patriotism and nationalism ultimately lead to war and inequality.

      You can't see national boundaries from space.

      One planet, one people.


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