October 23, 2011

Occupy Your Mind

Revolutions don't start in the streets. They start with a thought, and are spawned when ideas from the past run up against the ideals of the future. Since revolution begins with ourselves, we should be wary of blaming forces outside of ourselves.

We talk about corporate greed, but in failing to address our own, we don't see how we are contributing to, and supporting corporate greed. Rampant consumerism is destroying the environment while creating record corporate profits and bonuses.

The dismal record of many corporations is public knowledge, but how many people have voluntarily reduced or altered their consumption to keep their cash from these faceless, unethical entities?

We talk about corruption in politics, and how our so-called democracies have been high-jacked by the 1%. But how many of us get out and vote? In the last Canadian federal election a significant number of eligible voters didn't vote. "The 39%" could change a lot if they exercised the power of their vote.

The first revolution we must win is the one in the mind. Each of us must first decide to turn and relent, and withdraw our actions which support the systems that have pushed us to the brink of ecological collapse.

First we occupy our minds. Then we change the world.


  1. I am coming out of lurking and thanking you for your words of knowledge...Please continue to write! Thank you, April.

  2. April,

    I am so happy that I drew you out of lurker mode to leave such a beautiful and supportive comment. Thank you for visiting, reading, and commenting.

    Please feel free to comment more in the future - it adds so much to what is happening here. Hope your own mental occupation is going well.


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