July 22, 2010

The Environment?

When this shirt was first purchased it was suppose to be funny. With global climate change, and the Gulf of Mexico filling up with a chemical brew, it doesn't seem as funny any more.

Some laugh at the effectiveness of personal actions, saying they will not make a difference. I say of course they will, and do. If we chose to live more like the majority of humanity, and within our ecological limits, things would change rapidly. If we voluntarily limited ourselves everything would change.

The Dalai Lama points out that it does not matter how many police you have on the streets if people can not control themselves. It will never be enough. But if the people are responsible for themselves, you don't need police.

We don't need legislation, or green consumerism. We don't need catastrophe, or bailouts, or bylaws. None of these things will be enough if we can't control ourselves. Each of us, individually. One decision at a time.

Personal responsibility will guide us to a better world. The environment does not have to be fucked.

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