June 18, 2024

Don't Waste - Look, Smell, Taste

"65 per cent of respondents report throwing out unopened food because its “best before” date has passed."  
- Agri-Foods Analytics 

Food past the best before date? Wait!

Don't throw it out just yet.

Best before dates have less to do with food safety, and more to do with peak freshness.

Once past the BBD, a food may not be as fresh, but it also may not be dangerous to eat.

With groceries getting more dear all the time, we must do everything we can to reduce waste and get our moneys worth out of the foods we buy.

That is why one campaign to decrease food waste asks consumers thinking about tossing products past their BBD to Look, Smell, and Taste first.

If the product passes the test, it is probably safe to eat.

By reducing food waste, we can reduce the impact of inflation, and perhaps even come out ahead in the end.

Look. Smell. Taste.

Then, if it passes, Eat and Enjoy while reducing waste, avoiding a potential poisoning, and saving money.

Note: those over 60 years of age may need to be careful as a reduction in the effectiveness of the senses may make this form of food testing less accurate.


  1. I happily buy products that say eat today if the discount is good enough. Especially meat. Otherwise actually no meat at all. Even cooked early next morning still okay! But canned or dried stuff, like pasta or crackers can be way over date. I will take them from giveaway shelves. No worries. But just heard on Dutch tv news laws for indication on products are going to be simplified: https://nos.nl/artikel/2525104-kijk-ruik-en-proef-voor-je-voedsel-weggooit-nieuwe-campagne-tegen-verspilling
    and other countries are intersted. But it literally translates to title of your post: Look, smell, taste

    1. Anonymous6/21/2024

      One can save a lot of money buying perfectly good food past its BBD. I do that as much as possible, although I am seeing less of it in my local grocery store lately.

      - Gregg


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