November 25, 2023

Banned! Dumb Consumer Item of the Month

Often, besides not making any logical sense, some consumer items are dangerous in other ways.

In this month's instalment of dumb consumer items, we look at 7 dumb and dangerous offerings that have been banned in various places around the world.

Courtesy of: The Business Backer

A lot of what consumerism offers is bad for the environment and the consumer alike. However, banning is not the way to go. 

There is already way too much banning going on in the world for my comfort. 

Top down propaganda-led insistence will be met with resistance.

The best outcome is when people voluntarily choose better, less harmful ways through education rather than simply pushing propaganda.

Armed with critical thinking skills and access to accurate information, we can ban dumb stuff from our shopping lists by choice, to good effect both personally and globally.

We might better save the world by banning the practice of banning things based on inadequate assessments of the real threats to freedom, democracy and ultimately us and our beautiful planet.

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