April 9, 2023


I didn't get a pic of my greens, but they were much more dead than shown here.

Last time I rode to the grocery store I bought green onions. Three days later, I took them out of the fridge and the greens were completely wilted. 

I thought they were dead and gone.

Usually I remove the rubber bands from green onions and dry them out as soon as I get home. Otherwise they go bad quickly as they are very delicate.

This time I forgot to do that, which sucks because I really dislike wasting food. 

But I had faith. I believed I could make the greens live once again.

First I tried putting the onions in some water, thinking that the roots would suck it up and revive the greens.

It worked a little bit, but they were still mostly wilted.

Unfazed, I continued on with my reanimation experiment.

I cut the greens off entirely, and immersed them in cold water.

An hour later I came back. What I saw caused me to rejoice. The greens lived again! They were plump and firm and crunchy. 

My faith and effort paid off, and I did not have to bury them in the compost. Now, they have risen to prominence in many delicious recipes.

It was the miraculous transformation that I hoped for, but didn't really expect. Perhaps I should have.

When things get bad, we should never allow ourselves to get down. Things get better.

Because good things happen as surely as the sun rises. As surely as the rejuvenating spring follows the dead of winter.

It is the universal message that has been shared across cultures and time as shown by the many stories humans have told about the resurrection of more than just onion greens.

Nature has taught us to be a hopeful species. It is all quite miraculous. 

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