March 19, 2023

Spring Is...

I like a good pun. 

I also like Spring.

It is just around the corner, now, and starts Monday, March 20th at 6:24 pm where I live in the Canadian Maritimes.

Have to start our garden planning, and order some seeds. Soon. Very soon.

Happy Spring, and happy gardening.


  1. Happy Spring to all! It is a spring like day today here in Oregon, but there is some talk of perhaps snow showers next week! Odd for here, but not unheard of, I recall snow over school spring break (always late March) when I was younger. Although I am looking forward to the soil warming up so I can begin planting. - Mary

    1. Anonymous3/23/2023

      When I lived in Oregon (grades 4 and 5) me and my sibs were elated when the district cancelled school for the slightest accumulation of snow. On the Canadian prairies we walked to school during white out blizzards with snow up to our knees. I preferred Oregon in so many ways.

      - Gregg


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