January 22, 2023

The Web Of Life

What we do to the earth we do to ourselves.

By this same logic, what we do to each other we do to ourselves.

By now many of us have noticed that the War on Terror (which increased terrorism) which was used to attack people in other countries is coming home to roost. 

Now it is being used to attack us.

Domestic terrorism. Medical terrorism. Divide and conquer.

The isolation we feel personally from each other and the larger living community, is a result of our lack of imagination.

Everything is connected. We are all a strand in it.

Everything is one. It is the web of life. Pluck one strand and the whole web quivers. 

This is a good reason to always treat anything and anyone else in a way we would want to be treated ourselves.

Together we operate as it was meant to be, divided it all begins to fall apart.

Can you feel it, too?

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