November 11, 2022

Remember That War Sucks

Gunduz Aghayev from "War and Peace"

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada. 

Here are a few things I remember on this day.

- war is bad for children and all other living things

- the people who start wars rarely die in wars

- governments always lie to the people in order to get them to accept and allow the violence of war, then get them to pay for it all

- war takes the "civil" out of civilization

- the war machine is one of the biggest profit-makers AND polluters on the planet

- consumer economies rely on the spoils of war for profits and to perpetuate themselves

- the goal is not to end war, but to have endless war 

- we remember the fallen, then send more and more and more to fall

- organizing the mass killing of our "enemies" is expensive and wastes trillions of dollars that could be better used elsewhere...

- we have money for war, but not for ending hunger

Today I remember that war never changes, in that it’s horrible and terribly wrong. 

Satirical artist Gunduz Aghayev, with his series titled “War and Peace,” deals with the sickness of war. We are all caught in the crossfire.

The artist writes:

“War is a death, a suicide. Nations massacre one another and the whole of mankind. 

Nevertheless, we are able to inhibit this plague because we also invented peace. It is a way of struggle against war. It must be every person's duty before humanity to continue this struggle.”

In other words, war sucks, and we should do everything we can to stop it. 

That is what I am remembering today.


  1. This morning, when I heard a statistic about how much one war, Korean, I think cost in lives and dollars, I thought how many people that money could have fed and how much housing and medicine could be had for all of us.

    1. Anonymous11/13/2022

      Yes, such a tragic waste. But where is the global anti-war movement? I guess we aren't as civilized as we think we are.

  2. Of late one hears people say almost flippantly that the only way out of the current economic difficulty is WW3 - and my heart sinks. We seem to no longer know any other way than continually grasping for more.


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