November 25, 2022

5 Reasons to Sit Out This (And Every) Black Friday

Black Friday is best avoided at all costs.


Here are 5 reasons I will once again be sitting this one out:

1. Too many people. "Oh, the humanity!"

2. Line ups (see #1). I have a policy of never lining up for anything. Except for groceries. And only when necessary.

3. Crap. 99% of the crap for sale is crap.

4. We have enough. Most people already have enough of the things they really need. I know I do, and it is not a lot.

5. Extreme mass shopping is dangerous. People are injured and/or perish shopping for deals on Black Fridays. That makes it really black.

I would guess that more people have died during Black Friday shopping than died in the Hindenburg crash. 36 lost their lives in that fiery well-known horror.

But all you hear is crickets about the humanity of the sacrifices made at the temple of shopping.

Will the 2022 Friday frenzy be the last one that succeeds in killing and maiming and sucking ever more billions of dollars out of consumer's bank accounts? 

I remain hopeful.

Happy Buy Nothing Day. 

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11/26/2022

    black friday is simply a way to convience consumers to buy more. Its never advertises it usually leads to more debt
    All year we hear about protecting the enviornment, then we have Black Friday and Christmas and it all goes out the window. donating to charities in another person's name helps everyone. You can send them a note and a small locally made christmas ornament. e.a.f.


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