November 3, 2022

Dumbest Consumer Item Ever - Bottled Air

"We’re literally taking clean and pristine air from one side of the world and moving it to the other.”

- Bottled air company CEO

You thought the bottled water industry was dumb. How about this? The bottled air industry. 

Seriously. It's actually a thing. Expensive bottled air as a consumer product.

It could be the dumbest consumer item ever.

Naturally, airtrepreneurs are using fear to launch this product, and warning of the "Airpocalypse". 

The bottled air industry tells us that 90% of the world's population breathes various degrees of nasty air, and millions of people die every year because of it.

I don't doubt that's true. The atmospheric commons has been badly abused for a long time.

So do we have programs to improve air quality? 

No, because we live in a hyper-capitalist world that needs a cost-free dumping ground, and has been looking for a way to market air to consumers for a long time. 

Instead, we have expensive bottled clean and breathable air, and a brand new breathable air market. 

Bottled air costs a whopping 25 cents/breath. 

If someone decided to charge us that for the dirty ordinary stuff we breathe every day it would cost us $5,500/day for an average of 22,000 breathes per day.

How can you sell the bottled stuff if everyone's air is clean? There is no incentive for cleaning it up, unless they can charge us for breathing when they get the job done.

The solution to air pollution is not bottling clean stuff for us serfs to buy by the case with our dwindling savings.

The solution is making our air cleaner for all. 

Living more simply, slowly, and sustainably will help. 


  1. I never heard of bottled air. How do you consume it without is escaping?

    1. Anonymous11/04/2022

      I guess they come with a plastic cowl that attaches to the bottle, and you put over your mouth and nose. They buy clean air in places like parts of China that are very polluted by the making of all the things we buy over here.

    2. China does not regulate polluting factories. Not our fault. We should do without about 90% of what we buy from there.

  2. It had to happen eventually. Apparently a company in Alberta has been selling air from the Rocky Mountains internationally since 2015. Says too much about the sad state of so many things in our world.


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