July 19, 2022

Winning The Rat Race

Two business people, representing The Powers That Shouldn't Be, meet on the smouldering wreckage of civilization.

"Sure we destroyed the environment with our promotion of waste through planned obsolescence and excessive consumption.

Sure we crushed the family structure and social cohesion with our emphasis on individuality and inequality.

Sure we propagandized the masses into submission after tainting all notions of truth, justice, freedom and autonomy.

Sure we hit all public institutions with the wrecking ball of self-interest and corruption.

Sure we preached at the altar of the false Gods of Progress and Infinite Growth.


Sure we personally benefited from, and sometimes hastened, the deaths of millions and millions of innocents.


But for a glorious golden moment in time we created for ourselves a heap of profit!

Now, let us congratulate ourselves on a job well done."

They shake hands, then return home to their houses made of cash. 

Later, they settle down to a meal of cash.

Finally, they kiss their cash kids good-night, then enter beds of cash where they hug king sized pillows stuffed with, you guessed it, more cash.

They fall asleep thinking, "I'm winning the rat race!"


  1. Anonymous7/20/2022

    The grand prize is the destruction of the earth.
    In the UK I have had to watch the appalling spectacle of the government do everything they can to destroy civil society and now it's all about tax cuts and more growth or finding the ever elusive Brexit dividend, which we all know doesn't exist. It's a rat race to the bottom for standards and decency.
    Yesterday we watched the UK's first wild fires as it hit 40 degrees. I know there are now a lot of people waking up and starting to protest. Let's wish for a end to consumerism and direct our consciousness to ecology.
    Best wishes from a overheated UK,

    1. Anonymous7/20/2022

      Ecology should be job number one. Without it there is no economy, no life. Stay cool, and alive. It's getting hot out there.

      Good to hear from you, Alex. It has been a while.

      - Gregg

    2. Anonymous7/22/2022

      Been busy studying systems theory masters. Interesting stuff.

  2. I saw a cartoon a number of years ago (saved the image and then somehow lost it) depecting all the harms we as a species have done to the environment - either burning or suffocating the flora, poisoning the water, killing off endangered species with high-powered rifles "for the fun of it" - overlapping images of horrific destruction. The tag line was (paraphrasing here), "If aliens from a distant galaxy had come and threatened our planet with this destruction, stripped the earth of her resources to take it back home, would we have tried to stop it, to do something about it - is that what it would take or is it really too late?"

    1. Anonymous7/22/2022

      It's like they ARE aliens. Humans love their planet.


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