July 24, 2022


It's an emergency. So many emergencies. They are piling up so fast these days it's hard to keep them straight.

It's an emergency of emerging emergencies. How long before we get emergency fatigue?

Why so many emergencies? Because emergencies are useful to those in power. 

Declaring a state of emergency gives leaders special powers, and what leader doesn't like more power? 

This special state is the "one ring to rule them all" without the usual checks and balances. With a stroke of the pen they become little dictators that don't need to worry about messy, plodding democracy.

Two years ago the leaders of "the free world" slipped that ring on and like Bilbo, are now reluctant to take it off.

"A state of emergency or emergency powers is a situation in which a government is empowered to be able to put through policies that it would normally not be permitted to do, for the safety and protection of their citizens." - Wiki

We should be careful or they will emergency us to death. Maybe that is the idea since they tell us we have an overpopulation problem.

Rest assured that the police will be bashing heads of citizens in the streets, and freedoms/rights will be suspended for our own good. 

It is not a stretch to think a government might manufacture an emergency or two just to get those juicy extra powers.

In Canada our government layered an emergency on an emergency in fine fascist fashion. 

COVID was the first emergency, and then they took the nuclear option (the rarely used Emegencies Act) to declare the mother of all states of emergency so they could crush peaceful protests protesting the first emergency.

Non-violent, lawful protesters found themselves being violently attacked by laws previously used to deal with foreign terrorists and wars. 

There it is. In my country (and many others) peaceful protesters are terrorists now. Domestic terrorists. 

Essentially, if you don't support the government narrative you are a terrorist. And a Nazi. 

It's a global Guantanamo in the making.

And how about the capitalists? Turns out they love a good state of emergency, too.

"Never let a good emergency go to waste," they say.

What will the next "emergency" be? There are so many choices it is hard to pick just one.

WWIII? Global food shortage? Diesel fuel shortage? Computer chip shortage? Baby formula? Eggs? Meat? Monkeypox? Supply chains? Fertilizer? 

How about the climate issue? Have you noticed how Nitrogen Hysteria Syndrome is threatening to kill farms and ranches around the world? 

Wouldn't that lead to a food emergency?

First we had 'global warming', then 'global climate change', then 'global climate crisis', and more recently it has been rebranded as what? 

You guessed it - a "Climate Emergency". 

Oh, no.

We are living in unprecedented times. With a little downsizing, hard work, and preparations you won't get emergencied to death.

And, as usual, we must resist and push back, or we can say goodbye to democracy, if we have ever had it.

Today is a good day to fight the system, and their false flag emergencies.



  1. Anonymous7/25/2022

    So well-said, Gregg. I find it helpful to unplug (I don't watch the (bad) news, but it still trickles in) and connect to myself and my world. All those "emergencies" are draining emotionally, mentally, and physically - which is the point. I work to be as happy and strong as possible, to be the light. -Erin

    1. Anonymous7/25/2022

      Your good attitude will see you through to the coming peace.

      I didn't mean for that to sound like a fortune cookie, but there you go.

      Together we will banish the darkness. My dad always said that it was better to light a candle than curse the darkness. Be the candle, I say.

      - Gregg

  2. I have a good friend who lives or dies daily by what she sees/hears on a number of "prepper" channels on YouTube. It is heartbreaking to watch her go through a daily agony of panic. The long/short of it all is that the concept of perpetual and unfettered growth is beginning to show weak spots in the weave and no one wants to admit it or address it. One day the emperors clothes will fall off and we will be forced to look.

    As for me and mine, it is a glorious morning here on the prairies. Thunderstorm last night. The air is clear and washed clean. My kitty is stretched out on a windowsill bathing in a sunbeam. For some reason the coffee tastes better than it has for days. Today is payday but I have no reason to spend any of it because the choice of a life simple has left me showered with abundance. No emergency here.

    1. Anonymous8/01/2022

      We are in a time when only degrowth will save us. Ecology, thrift, and changing our destructive economic system are the way out. Love your non-emergency life. They want us to panic and cower in fear. The way you are living says, NO.

      - Gregg


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