January 17, 2022

Frustrated? What's The Plan?

If you are to believe the corporate media machine (and why would you?) everyone is increasingly frustrated these days. At what you may wonder.

Is it corruption? Bought and paid for politicians? Corporate malfeasance? Environmental degradation? Historical inequality? A disappearing middle class?

Seemingly not.

Is it with people living 4-planet lifestyles? How about billionaires that want to escape Earth and leave behind all the problems they created for the rest of us to deal with?

That's not what is being reported.

Maybe it is with the illusion of democracy that is more theatre than reality?


Surely we are frustrated with endless wars that spend our precious tax dollars and slaughter millions of innocent civilians around the world. 


What about politicians that hesitate to do anything meaningful about all the above issues?

Nope, apparently it isn't that either.

My question is, "Why not?"

Maybe we are being hoodwinked and misdirected from the really important stuff in order for business as usual to proceed. Maybe we are being lied to over and over and over again.

Scapegoating is as old as politics itself, and by now we should be very keen in recognizing it and calling it out.

Maybe everyone should really be frustrated with themselves for allowing all this to go on unchecked and unchallenged.

Or maybe, just maybe, everyone is frustrated with being frustrated.

The cure for frustration is to have a comprehensive plan based on the truth in order to make meaningful changes. 

So my question is, "What's the plan?"

The answer to that will be found in our own hearts, and certainly not in the corporate media machine.

It is time to see beyond the self-serving propaganda, look within, then take action.

Only then will our frustration melt away.


  1. Anonymous1/17/2022

    My plan includes community, love, and thinking for myself. And connecting with other like-minded people. And looking at the moon and sitting quietly. And enjoying my days. And rejecting fear and embracing hope. Thanks to you all for being here. Peace, Erin

    1. Erin, thank you for sharing your plan with us. It is a good one.

  2. Look within - love the plan, scary but only place to start really, discoveries I bet. I'm going there myself.

    1. Fear us what stops us from looking inward, which is why we make fun of it, calling it "navel gazing" as if it is a silly exercise. Good for you for taking the ultimate adventure. Certain to yield results.

  3. The Méla plan: Take it one day at a time. Roll with the punches. Sit still. Spend more time listening - not listening *to* anything but just listening. To have, at the end of it all, taken no more than I needed and, hopefully, left something positive behind. Not exactly earth-shattering or mind-boggling, but I'm like that.

    1. I fully endorse The Mela Plan. It is simple living in a nutshell.


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