January 20, 2022

Dr. Mother Nature's Cure

Untracked pristine snow.

When Dr. Mother Nature sends a major storm that dumps 50 cm of snow in the valley behind our house, I interpret it as her prescribing a snowshoe adventure to heal my soul.

I never hesitate to take her medicine, and get my butt out there, pronto.

A deer rode out the storm right here.

After a couple of hours of floating through great heaps of puffy powder I am as good as new once again. This is my Great Reset.

Snow, snow, snow.

This treatment is not experimental. 

Although it has been tested over thousands of years, I have personally been testing Dr. Mother Nature's Cure for many decades and have found it to be 100% safe, and 100% effective.

No nasty side effects.

I often make this peaceful cabin in the woods my destination.

Thumbs up for Dr. Mom, the best doctor around. Another healthful, satisfied patient.

Me, as right as rain... frozen rain that is.


  1. Anonymous1/23/2022

    Winter wonderland, how beautiful! We have 60 degrees in North Texas today, so we took advantage of the warmth to do a healing local hike. Mother Nature is the best doctor around, for sure. I'm feeling calm and connected from the sun on my face, big hills, and hawk sightings. I'm always grateful for nature connections.

    I'm enjoying a great book that speaks to humans' relationship with Mother Nature, The Hunter Gatherer's Guide to the 21st Century. Lots of sage advice for being a proper human. ;)
    Peace, Erin

    1. Hawks are beautiful to watch. We recently watched the neighbourhood crows chasing a hawk through our back yard. Your book sounds interesting - will be looking that one up.


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