August 31, 2021

The Society Made Mad by Fear

The Man Made Mad by Fear

Gustave Courbet 1844

We have become a society made mad by fear. 

That is dangerous because no human does their best work whilst under the influence of fear. 

It brings out the worst in us, and in our thinking processes. Then bad things happen that wouldn't happen otherwise.

That is why I have always tried to live according to a basic rule, and that is:

"The best and most enjoyable way to navigate through life is to move without fear
Live as if there is nothing to fear."

That, and my other basic rule, have enabled me to enjoy life feeling as free and unrestrained as I can possibly be.

My second basic rule is:

"Live like the world is beautiful, the people in it are beautiful, and everything is beautiful."

When viewing the world this way, one can think more clearly, see more clearly, and realize the best in each and every moment.

If we look at the world as a fearful place that is all bad, it eventually will be that kind of place.

If, on the other hand, we live fearlessly and expecting nothing but one beautiful moment after another, that is what we tend to get. 

In my experience, anyway. 

Your results may vary, but I still recommend trying it to see what happens for yourself.

Fear has been used for eons as a way for the power-seeking to manipulate and exploit those that buy into it. 

More recently, the fear factory has been weaponized, making it all the more insidious and soul-destroying.

I am more dedicated than ever to not let myself be made mad by the fear I see in the society around me. 

It is an illusion "masking" the control hidden behind it, and it makes the world look dark and dangerous.

But I know in my heart that the world is still as beautiful as it ever was, as are the people in it. 

That is how I am choosing to see things. 

I am moving forward in beauty and without fear.


  1. As of late I've been giving in to fear. It's overwhelming and can be all consuming. That's the reason I took a break from the internet. I needed to live in the moment in my own little world where there is no need to fear. I wish I could adopt a better outlook (and I'm trying) But the world seems to be such a big ugly place. I have begun to realize that others are working out of fear and it makes them do ugly things. It's best to see where they are coming from before judging. "See the light in all people and treat them as though it's all you see" is my new mantra.

    1. I love your mantra, and totally intend on using it myself. If only we could see that we are all in this together, and that the only way things will improve is if we can overcome our tendency to get all "judgey" on each other.

      Be the light. See the light. Banish the fear.

      Thank you.

  2. Anonymous9/03/2021

    Dear Marla, I find that pottering in the vegetable garden is a sure-fire way to banish fear. I am as prone to fear as anyone, but when I step into the garden it's like I'm entering another world and I wonder why I was fearful in the first place! Even a balcony garden can work wonders if you don't have a big back yard.
    Watching my sweet little hens running about, or hand-feeding them, is another great anti-dote. If you cannot keep hens, perhaps a kitten might work for you?

    Big hugs and take care all,


    1. The garden is a sacred zone of abundance and the goodness of life. Of that I have no doubt.

      Our landlords next door might be getting chickens, meaning there will soon be some running about our yard. Linda is very excited about that, as am I.

    2. Madeleine- Thank you for your words of hope and comfort. My physical body limits my ability to get outside, but I couldn't agree more that a garden is wonderful place to lose your troubles and find peace. I would love a furry companion, but am allergic to cats and dogs are more work than I can handle. Coming here and finding people who care and are encouraging is certainly a balm for my soul.

    3. Anonymous9/06/2021

      Marla, I didn't realise you had difficulty getting outside. I wonder could you find some beautiful garden videos on youtube? I sometimes watch Bealtine Cottage - perhaps you already know of Colette, the woman who reforested 3 acres of bare land in Ireland? She often just wanders around her gardens and land and has a very soothing voice too :-) It is relaxing and hope-inspiring to watch her and see how simply she lives to support the earth. I also enjoy watching videos of zen gardens, a completely different style again, but very calming and usually accompanied by beautiful music.

      Take care,


  3. Anonymous9/03/2021

    Gregg, what a great perspective. It's always helpful to see the best in one another and look for the beauty in the world. As Oscar Wilde said "we are all of us in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars".


    1. Perspective is everything. Sometimes I get overwhelmed, and I have had some rough days lately, but I find all it takes is a good sleep and an attitude adjustment. Quotes and affirmations, can work wonders for me.

      Meeting with friends is one reason I keep this blog. Social connections are very important in keeping on the right track. People, like all of you that come and comment here, are so wonderful. Linda and I live such an isolated lifestyle that this makes a big difference.

      Our neighbours have also greatly helped us, and like the group here on this blog, have made our lives better. If we could see all the good in humanity, we could see our true potential. It is infinite!

    2. Gregg & Linda- Perhaps my isolation adds to my pessimistic outlook. It is wonderful to come here and feel connected. I think I stayed away too long.

    3. Marla, I don't think anyone would blame you for being pessimistic considering what is going on in the world lately. Realistic, more like. However, there is still so much beauty to be found, and other people can help us do that.

      We wondered where you went, and are glad you are back. We all do have to stick together and help each other through these troubled times.

      Community is important, and social capital will be what we use to create the love we all need. I like to think that can be found here.


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