May 13, 2021

May All Be Free From Suffering And Close To Happiness

One thing you can say for sure is that there is much suffering throughout the human family. 

A lot of the suffering is completely fabricated, and much is perpetrated by humans on humans.

There is also much suffering perpetrated by humans on non-human animals.

What we need is a concentrated effort to end the suffering that we make for ourselves and other living things. 

It begins with a mindset that is conducive to believing that suffering can be ended, and it can, according to many traditions.

A prayer for the freedom from suffering for all beings is a good place to start toward developing this mindset.

“For the power and the truth of this practice, may all sentient beings be free of suffering and the causes of suffering. 
May all sentient beings be close to happiness and the causes of happiness.”

This is the traditional formula used for the last ten centuries by the practitioners of the the Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhist school to dedicate their efforts – big or small – to the greater well being of all living things. 

I am imagining a world where the human family makes the greater well being of ALL living things its major priority in everything it does.

Compared to today, it would be an unrecognizably peaceful and beautiful place to live.

In a free society such as ours, some are guilty. But all are responsible. Indifference to evil is worse than the evil itself. 

We can make our lives matter if we act with compassion and loving kindness toward all living things all the time.


  1. "May all beings be peaceful
    May all beings be happy
    May all beings be safe
    May all beings awaken to the light
    of their true nature
    May all beings be free"
    The Metta prayer - printed out in simple black and white, framed, and hanging in three separate places in my apartment. Keeps me grounded; reminds me why I am here.

    1. That's it! Is there any more important goal than that?

    2. Anonymous5/15/2021

      That's beautiful, Mela. Thank you for sharing this prayer. - Mary

    3. Thank You! I'm going to print it out for myself.


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