May 23, 2021

Going Back To Abnormal

If things "go back to normal", it will do nothing to raise humanity's collective IQ.

If going back to normal means nuclear energy, pipelines, increasing energy consumption, and enjoying a good old fashioned economic boom, we will only increase global ecological collapse. 

Whose fault is it? We want someone to blame.

I blame glitches and limitations in the human genome, as well as a little thing called physics. 

You can't beat the laws of physics. 

It is impossible to have infinite growth in a finite system, and no amount of lies, wishes and denial can change that.

That is why the past year has been so exciting. 

There have been many positive effects resulting from humanity stopping its incessant consumption and movement for once, and these results are hard to deny. 

Animals returning to places they hadn't been for a long time were celebrated at first, but the msm quickly returned to regular scheduled fear programming.

During the pandemic savings rates have gone up. People are paying off debt because they have found ways to pass the time without spending money. 

We have been spending more time learning how to bake and cook our own wholesome foods.

People have been traveling to far away destinations less, and are enjoying their own back yards more.  

The world has been using less energy, and it has had an immediate and beneficial effect. 

The planet's largest mountain range, formerly shrouded in smoggy haze, was revealed. We saw the beauty that was hid by the externalities of a system gone wild. 

Will we learn from this historic opportunity? Will we take advantage of the moment to do our own personal reset?

If not, and the planet chooses willful ignorance and a return to normal, we won't double our IQ, and we won't be getting any money back when it all backfires.

That is why, when this is all over, I am going back to abnormal. 

I invite everyone to join me there.


  1. I'm in. I notice the clear skies instead of crisscrossed jet tracks which means plenty of fuel saved. Why do people travel so much when they are allowed to? I fear that if and when things return to normal, there will be an explosion of shopping, travel and general destruction of the planet just to make up for lost time.

    1. All pandemic I have been enjoying what I call Wilderness Skies. That is, clear blue with no visible signs of humans to be seen. In other words, no smeary jet trails scratching across the atmosphere. They are an eyesore, and they have a negative effect on weather and climate. Plus, in most cases, they are tracked through my sky just so someone can chase a happiness that will not be found on the plane, or at its destination.

  2. Tony and I will join you.

    1. Alright! Destination Abnormal here we come.

  3. Been flying my freak flag since the mid-60s. Went for a couple long rambles in the neighbourhood today. This area has been known as the hippie-dippie area of the city since I was a teenager. I came across something that made me smile and gave me hope: on one street five front yards, all in a row, have been turned over from the ubiquitous grass lawn to vegetables and wild prairies grasses and flowers. It looks like it was agreed upon and planned communally because the two outer yards have been turned over to flowers and grasses with the middle three planted very attractively with vegetables. In the center of each of the floral landscapes is a prairie hardy apple tree. In my humble opinion, these yards are just as attractive as those covered with lush, green (sporting Weed Man tags) lawns and decorative shrubs (although I will admit a soft spot for lilacs).

    1. Those lush, green lawns are biodiversity deserts. Imagine how rich are the yards you have described. Beautiful!


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