October 21, 2020

We're In A Revolution Of Consciousness, But The Wrong Kind

We are experiencing a revolution of consciousness. But it is of the entirely wrong kind.

It would be a good thing if it were of the right kind, because a new consciousness is the key to a survivable future.

However, the radical changes in consciousness we see are of the wrong kind.

Everywhere humans are addicted to ubiquitous screened devices and what they can do. And they can do a lot. 

But the trade-off we make when we adopt these new technologies is that our minds are being aggressively reprogrammed in order to steal our attention.

New devices and social media have sucked us into their internal workings, making us pliable for corporations to sell us things we don't need, or really want. 

Corporations and their government allies, or anyone with enough money to buy our attention, increase their power and wealth by affecting what we do, what we think, and ultimately, what we are.

They want us captivated. Hypnotized. Dulled down and defenceless.

This is happening at a time when humanity desperately needs a change of consciousness away from current individualistic, ecocidal approaches. 

If we sleepwalk into a nightmarish grinding down of our grey matter, we will be further separated from reality, each other, and our true selves. 

Our ignorance will only be amplified, and weaponized against us, ensuring our eventual extinction.

But we made a lot of profit before we snuffed ourselves out!

Every screen should come with a prominent sticker:

Warning: Using screens excessively can cause ones brain to be soaked in dangerous, consciousness-altering propaganda resulting in faulty thinking and loss of freedom. Proceed with caution! 

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  1. Anonymous10/23/2020

    Have to admit I am "addicted" to the screen of my Kindle. When the lock down of the pandemic started, our libraries closed. That was a big blow to many, including me as I love to read and love the variety of books I can sample a the library. Thankfully electronic books were available for check out; along with a Kindle Unlimited subscription (I know, supporting that overly massive company Amazon...) I have now become very comfortable in reading books through a screen. And most likely won't buy a paper book again, unless it is one I really "need/want" and is not electronic. But even so, I don't look at my Kindle non-stop, only glance at my phone 3x a day to see if any of my family has texted me, watch pretty much no TV, and enjoy as much time outdoors or doing a puzzle or playing a board game as possible. Thanks for the post(s), Gregg. Take care all! - Mary


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