October 22, 2020

Magical Fall Bike Ride

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The colours in the forest are at their height, and summer heat waves have travelled on till next year.

The cooler temperatures make fall perfect for riding. So when I received notice that we had a parcel at the community mailbox 4 km down the road, I excitedly hopped on my bike. 

On this ride I took the paved road down to the mailboxes. Once I had my parcel and had it secured in my pack, I took a different, new route home.

After leaving the mailbox I go down to where Acacia Brook starts mixing with sea water. Here I cross a bridge and access a gravel road that takes me back up the valley on the opposite side to where I live.  

Right now our valley is a riot of colour. I have never seen fall colours like those found in the forests of Nova Scotia. It is a feast for the eyes.

Fall here is also a feast for the nose - the smells are unforgettable. 

I reflected on the odours as I rode along. The smell of fall is the smell of death and decay, and yet it is pleasant to the nose. 


I figure that because we are as much a part of nature as anything else, we have an affinity to certain smells. This goes for fall smells. 

The death and decay we see and smell is evidence of the cycles of nature carrying on. This year's leaves will break down and feed the new leaves of next spring.

This is as important as life and growth. We can't have one without the other, and the nose know this and is comforted by it.

Or maybe it just smells good.

Recently I met a new neighbour. He lives on 150 acres right behind my home on land I have wanted to explore for a long time. He granted me permission to explore to my heart's content whenever I wanted. 

People are very nice here that way, and I appreciate it very much.

It just so happens that there is a route through his land that takes me back home.

The further I rode along the route, the smaller and rougher the roads became. It was all beautiful, and it is fun riding in more isolated and rustic areas. 

I did not see a single car once off the pavement so it was quiet and peaceful. And safe.

All together the loop took me almost 2 hours to ride, including frequent stops to take photos and watch birds (like grouse, of which I saw several).

What a wonderful way to get business done, get outdoor exercise, and be out in the forest at the peak of its visual and olfactory glory.

It was a magical fall bike ride/adventure. 


  1. Oh Joy! Oh Bliss! Oh Happiness! Thanks for the reminder of just how beautiful it is where you live and how glorious the change of season. Birds are very active here on the West Coast, singing and staging and moving about. Rain pokes itself on to the shore bit by bit, Salmon await...

  2. Anonymous10/23/2020

    Beautiful ride!

  3. Anonymous10/23/2020

    What a wonderful piece of land to explore! And what a kind neighbor to allow that - everyone does seem so darn nice up there. Thanks, the pictures and descriptions were lovely. - Mary

  4. Anonymous10/26/2020

    Beautiful pictures of a fun adventurous bike ride!


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