October 29, 2020

The Wonders of Crapitalism

Crapitalism is rapidly destroying the planet. Of this there is no question. 

In a crapitalist system nothing can be left alone. 

Anything 'undeveloped' must be 'developed'. Forests must be cut down and replaced by row upon row of ugly buildings. 

Crapitalism never stops. 

Once considered limitless, the mighty Amazon rainforest has been utterly wiped out by greedy interests looking for a quick buck, with the blessing of their captain of crapitalism as the head of state. 

It is the same everywhere.

Where there were once massive old growth forests across N. America, there are now only scattered 'tree museums'. It will cost you a dollar just to seem them.

Only a few hundred years running, and crapitalists have destroyed nearly everything in the name of profit. 

Crapitalism not only consumes natural resources, it also consumes people. 

Your employer is your master in crapitalism. They are your god and you serve them. Any excess profit you make all goes to them, not you. 

If you look at them the wrong way, or ask questions, you are tossed out. 

Slavery has been replaced by wage slavery. Most of the wage slave's earnings goes back to the landlords, bankers, bosses and other parasites. 

What a miserable system. 

None of this could exist if it were not for spending trillions of dollars on advertising/marketing/propaganda campaigns to brainwash the masses into compliance.

If that doesn't work, and it usually does, there is always the state's monopoly on violence, which it will not hesitate to use in support of the crapitalist project.

There are alternatives, and we better start trying some of them before the crapitalists kill everything and everyone.


  1. Unfortunately, you are preaching to the choir.

    1. Maybe, just maybe, someone new is dropping by and this will start them on a new path. We can hope.

    2. Oh, yes, that was not meant as a judgy remark. A man flew from CA to Alabama to visit me. He flew in to Huntsville and we drove 60 miles to the south to my town. All the way there, he marveled at the fact we could build businesses, hotels, and homes.

      I told him we had all the buildings we needed. At my town he exclaimed when there was an undeveloped lot in a subdivision. He wondered why people would waste the land when they could sell the lot for a home. I tried to explain to him that people often bought a lot and even more in town as a buffer if they valued having a bit of room and privacy. He left wondering why people would do something so stupid.

      He thought LA in CA was the model of supremacy. If anyone bothers to find the population of the state, it would be obvious we do not have the population to support the kind of businesses and homes he envisioned. Besides, we love trees and wide open spaces.


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