April 15, 2020

Nature Is The Essentialist Of All Services

Nature is not a capitalist system: these are the services she provides absolutely free. 

Stock markets tank, erasing trillions of dollars of make-belief wealth.

Nature rolls on.

The cogs, gears and levers of the "unstoppable" capitalist machine finally stop - with a whimper.

Nature rolls on, better than ever.

Bars close, gyms close, toy stores close, all the non-essential crap closes.

Nature rolls on.


is the


of all services.

No Nature, 

no economy.

Let crony capitalism fail on its own.

Bail out Nature.


  1. "Let crony capitalism fail on its own. Bail out Nature." Let it be so!

  2. Anonymous4/17/2020

    As I have said for many years (decades actually), "When it comes right down to it, there is no reason to worry about Mother Nature, she is tough, she is adaptable and she is a survivor--she will be just fine." Love you guys, Mela

    1. Mela- Many years ago now I read something that I now know to be true "We aren't destroying the planet, we are destroying ourselves" I know the earth will go on and recover. We see that now as animals are coming into metropolitan areas for the first time in years. It's the humans that will die off.


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