April 22, 2020

Another Pledge On Another Earth Day

My Earth Pledge 

Out of my love for Earth's systems and all its varied life forms, and from my respect for their needs, 

I pledge that:

1. I will live as simply as possible in order to do the least amount of harm possible.
2. I will only consume what I need.
3. I will use low carbon forms of transportation (walking, biking, carpooling, bus, train).
4. I will enjoy a plant based diet.
5. I will grow and collect as much of my food as possible.
6. I will treat all resources like the precious gifts that they are, use them wisely, and be grateful for them.
7. I will not buy products that are harmful in their making, use, and disposal.
8. I will minimize my purchase and use of electronic devices.
9. I will not consume news from corporate media giants.
10. I will not work for, invest in, or otherwise support a harmful system that exploits people and the Earth for pleasure and profit.
11. I will express my commitment to this pledge through the way I live, rather than the things I say.
12. I will do everything I can to make sure that we don't need Earth Day 50 years from now.

Or more pledges. 

Meaningful action toward immediate positive change is what we need on this very day, not more words.

Happy Action-Oriented Earth Day, everyone. 


  1. Now that's something I can pledge my allegiance to!

  2. Am I remembering correctly that Earth Day is close to Linda's birthday? If so, then I would just like to say Happy Birthday 💐🌸

    1. Same day. Linda (Earth Grrl) says, "Thank you."

  3. Well that's no accident I'm sure. Happy Birthday Earth Grrl🌎🌲Clare (forgot to sign above, duh)


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