June 14, 2019

Make It Last: Celery

Having not done a post in the "Make It Last" category for some time (7 years!), I decided now was the right moment to mention a make-it-last kitchen hack I learned recently from one of my simple living mentors. 

I have always been frustrated by how quickly celery goes down in the fridge. Limp is lame. 

Now that celery is insanely expensive, there is even more reason to store it so it stays crispy and fresh for a long time. 

I didn't know I have been doing it wrong until recently when I read a simple suggestion that I immediately tried to great effect. First, I had to get my celery out of plastic.

The (new to me) storage method is simple: after your celery bunch is delivered via armoured car, wrap it in aluminum foil. 

I have had a roll of tinfoil for years, because we don't use it very often, so it was good to have an actual use for it. 

After the celery is used up, I flatten the foil so I can reuse it next time I have saved enough money to get more stalks. 

This method is simple, it keeps the celery crispy, reduces food waste, and will save you money, or at least help you avoid having to eat rubbery stalks.

On a final note, have you noticed how over the years things you don't need like TVs have gotten cheaper, while things you do need, like food, have gotten more expensive?

All the more reason to store your food to make it last, and keep as much as possible out of the garbage.

Up to 1/3 of global food production is lost to waste every year.


  1. Anonymous6/15/2019

    Great idea. I've never heard this, but I'm off to wrap my celery in foil.

    1. Try it! I have never had anything but crisp, fresh celery since starting this new method, although we are buying less celery now that it is so expensive.

  2. I can never keep my celery crisp. I had no idea tin foil would keep it from getting limp. Thanks for the tip!

    1. It is a magical solution. There is nothing better than perfectly crisp celery.

  3. Great tip, I use up limp celery in soup or freeze for soup later. Also having chickens really reduces food waste as they can eat anything. Well except zucchini, you always have too much zucchini.

    1. Yes, I have always used my less than perfect celery in soups and things like chilli. I would like to have chickens some day to turn my food scraps into eggs. Plus I hear they are just nice to have around, like pets. I would take any extra zucchini as it is not something that we usually grow.

  4. Anonymous6/16/2019

    You can also cut it up and store it in a bowl of water in the fridge to keep it crisp.

    1. I have heard about this method, but have never tried it. I think it works for some other veggies, too.

  5. Omg! Thanks for this great hack!

    I’ve had the same observation, things we don’t need decrease in price and things we do need increases, especially true of food.

    Looking into a crystal ball, I see the NBA tribe posting hacks and this thread reviving (after 7 years!) My food hack is discovering how to keep Cilantro fresh in refrigerator for weeks! It’s sold by the bunch here. When you get a bunch home, cut the bottom stems off a half inch or so. Pull off all leaves toward the bottom of stems, use those leaves first. (If leaves are in the water will cause rapid decay.) Then stick the stems down in a mug of water and place if refrigerator. Change water every few days. Cilantro will last for weeks! Better yet grow your own and pick it fresh when needed! Same thing works for asparagus and probably a lot of vegetables.

    1. People either love cilantro, or hate it. We love it, and grew some in our first garden here in Nova Scotia. However, our crops have all failed since then. Might have to go to the greenhouse to get some that has already been started, since planting seeds hasn't worked. Not sure why.

      That is a tried and true way to keep it once cut, and we can attest to its effectiveness.


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