December 10, 2018

The Beet Abides

Fresh out of the fridge, and abiding already.

It is always wise to invest in things that abide, rather than fleeting trinkets and entertainments. But what abides?

I know of a bunch of things that don't abide, and that would be pretty much anything proposed by our throw-away, planned obsolescence, live-for-today, corporate, profit-driven ethos.

Then there are some of the solid things that do abide, including: Nature, the Earth, Hope, and Love.

And my beets. My beets abide.

Couple of weeks later and still going.

In October I pulled the remaining beets from our garden. In the beginning of November I took some out of the fridge to cook. Some of the tops still had small, green leaves hanging in there, despite the days and days of refrigerated winter they had endured.

I chose two and put them in water and set them in the kitchen window. I swear they started growing instantly. 

Since then, we have been watching the beet tops continue to unfold. Even after all they have been through, they have abibdden.

Several weeks later it is cold and snowy outside, and still the beets hang in there.

Will humanity be something that abides? Are we as good as the lowly beet? Will we carry on, despite the injustices we have perpetrated in the name of fulfilling fleeting desires and distractions? 

Or will we wilt and waste away?

We need to be like the beet, and keep on growing, despite being ripped from the soil of normality, enduring a perpetually cooling economy, all the while being cooked in a mess of global warming. 

We have to be the green shoots, the thriving, growing centres of creation where the magic happens.

Not only is it a wise time to invest in things that abide, now it is more important than ever to be something that abides. 

Like The Beet. The Beet abides. 

Be the beet.


  1. Replies
    1. I enjoyed your post regarding your greenhouses (hothouses?). Your garden will definitely assure your personal abiding.

  2. You can have beet greens forever!

    1. It's like a perpetual motion machine.

  3. Replies
    1. We grew a lot of beets this year, and so have been eating a lot of them. Borsht, baked, boiled, pickled, raw in smoothies. Wow, we have never eaten so many beets. What a vegetable! There are still a few in our fridge.

  4. Yum beets!! Raw beets shredded on a salad of spinach, radicchio, onions, fresh garlic and chopped broccoli. According to the latest study this is the Anti Cancer salad ingredients everyone should eat daily. Here's the link to Dr. Greger's Youtube post about it. Crunch on!


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