December 14, 2018

Winter Solstice: Time For Being

As the northern hemisphere approaches winter solstice, it is once again time to honour natural rhythms, slow down, rest, and go within. Winter is the segment of the seasonal cycle for introspection, sharing, and spending quiet time simply being.

In western society, consumers are prepared for a life of having rather than being. It is "go, go, go", in defiance of our natural inclinations which are still tied to nature's cycles. 

Psychologist Erich Fromm assumed that humanity’s separation from the natural world has produced feelings of loneliness and isolation, a condition many feel, especially during our consumerized holidays. 

So it is, at this time of year when we should be resting, that we find ourselves busier than ever. 

So what is this "being" that we so desperately need in order to rebalance our society and our selves? Fromm explained it this way:

"By being I refer to the mode of existence in which one neither has anything nor craves to have something, but is joyous, employs one's faculties productively, is oned to the world." 

As we head indoors to escape the cold and snow, conditions are perfect to take time and centre our lives around persons, not things; around being, not having. 

As solstice approaches, our wish for you is that you are able to spend time enjoying the mode of simply being, oned to the world. 

Happy Winter Solstice.


  1. Anonymous12/18/2018

    What a beautiful, calming illustration - I love it. I like that Being includes doing those things we love to do and are good at. Yes, sitting and simply being is necessary and very pleasant, but so is living in the world in a way that is very true to who we each are. Balance is key, and something I aspire to daily. Thank you for the Winter Solstice blessings, Gregg and Linda. I'm sending them to you, as well! -Erin

    1. When we do things we are passionate about, and we get lost in the activity, we enter into a flow experience and everything else melts away. All that is left is us being in the moment, us and nothing else. There is also moving meditation, so you are right, just sitting is not the only way to just be.

      Thanks, Erin.


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