February 27, 2018

A Post-Consumer Parade

"What do we want? The simple life. When do we want it? Now!"

Sometimes I envision what a meeting of the readers of this blog would be like. Maybe something like the photo above.

There is no reason changing the world can’t be fun from time to time. How about a joy-filled peaceful musical dancing jangling parade through the streets?

Let’s fly the simplicity flag together. I propose such a flag should be white, which is minimalist, as well as being a symbol of surrendering to our innate desire to be free of the tyranny and baggage of a hyper-consumptive lifestyle.

No corporate clowns will be invited - they’re scary.

On a more serious note, we could also nail a list of demands to local establishment edifices. How about on city hall, or Walmart, or Wells Fargo, or the hind quarters of the bull on Wall Street?

Simple Living People Everywhere Demand:

- that all humans are able to live simply, free of economic coercion and oppression.

- that global conditions allow all humans to follow their priorities and passions.

- that we can can engage in creating because we want to, not for monetary profit, or because we have to prove something to somebody.

- that we can lovingly care for ourselves, fall asleep when tired, and wake naturally when rested, eat clean food when hungry, and have adequate clothing and shelter.

- that we be free of being governed by the new gangs (political, law enforcement, corporate, bankster, military…)

- that all humans are able to experience a simple life of enough, in order to be boundless and free, as is our birthright.

- that we hear more good news about the amazing things that are presently changing everything we know about living on our beautiful and finite planet.

March on, my friends. Every day is a celebration of the wonders and gifts that simplicity brings.

Note: the ideal chant/sign slogan is short, punchy, and meaningful. We have brainstormed a few of our own, suitable for a potential post-consumer parade.

"Hey-hey, ho-ho, consumerism has got to go."

"Whose lives? Our lives."

"Say it loud, say it clear - simple living is coming here."

"Sustainable lives matter."

"Show me what freedom's like/This is what freedom's like."

"What do we want? The simple life. When do we want it? Now!"

Or how about Marie's contribution? "What do we want? Nothing."

Do you have a chant/slogan of your own that you would like to share? Or perhaps a simple living demand to add to the list? Give it a try - it's fun.


  1. When I read your blog, as well as loving it, it is just like talking to my spouse. I feel like you are cut from the same cloth. And that’s great.

    1. Franny And Danny,

      "Let him step to the music which he hears", said Henry David Thoreau. We must hear similar music.

  2. Anonymous2/27/2018

    "Keep it Simple"
    Your demand about resting, eating, and being sounds heavenly. We all need that. -Erin

    1. Erin,

      "Keep it simple" is good to always keep in mind.

  3. Anonymous2/27/2018

    The word "consumer" has been normalized - consuming more junk than we'd ever need is what we are supposed to do and be. No...I am not a consumer - I am a citizen, a community member, a human being. Yes I consume, but that is NOT who I am. Would love for things to go back to that, that we are called citizens rather than consumers. Would also like to see politicians become public servants again. Remember they used to be called that - and acted like that? Seems so long ago. This blog is your theses nailed to the internet, and I'm so happy you are providing us all your insights and inspiration. Thank you! Mary

    1. Mary- You are so right, when did we become consumers and not citizens? It's time to take back our power. Also wouldn't it be wonderful if politicians were serving those who they are elected to represent and not those who line their pockets? I won't hold my breath on that one.

    2. Mary,

      "Consumer" is an empty vessel that needs constant filling, while "Citizen" is a filled vessel that needs constant emptying. One is powerless, the other powerful. You can see why they have taken advantage of conditions to make this shift.

      "Public servants" has nice ring to it. "Political gangsters" not as much.

      I am so happy that my theses nailed to the door of the internet are resonating with others. It is a major source of hope for Linda and I.


      I agree that it is time to take back our power, and reclaim our status as citizens. It feels good to not support the current system, as much as it is possible to disengage. I certainly don't want to encourage the current system with my labour or my dollars.

      Overcoming the influence of Big Money will be difficult. But it is only money. The real power is in us, The People. We just have to overcome our minor differences in order to join together to address our common concerns.

  4. I'm joining this protest parade and shouting loud!!

    1. Marla,

      We are stepping to the music we hear, and it is beautiful.

  5. Oh, yes, I'll be part of that parade and will be signing the manifesto. And yes to Mary - no, I am not a consumer, and yes, I am a citizen.

    1. Jo,

      Our parade is gathering momentum. I think it is very important that we identify as citizens, or we will lose the rights and privileges that come with the concept of an active participation in how things work.

  6. Anonymous3/01/2018

    I will also be in this Parade and will be living the manifesto.
    My chant " what to we want.....nothing"



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