November 28, 2016

Simplify The Holidays - Buy Nothing Xmas

Now that we have successfully simplified Black Friday with BND, it is time to do the same for the upcoming holiday season. The Centre For A New American Dream has something to offer in this regard.

The following is from their website:

"The holidays, meant to be a time of peace, reflection, and celebration, too often exhaust rather than uplift us. If you sometimes feel trapped by the shopping, spending, and frenzied preparations, you aren’t alone. 
Increasingly, Americans are tired of the commercialization of the season and want more of what matters… not just more stuff. This year, you don’t have to rack up credit card debt or get swept up in the season’s commercialism. Instead, consider creating holidays that instill more meaning into the season and encourage more sharing, laughter, creativity, and personal renewal."

There are many good suggestions for simplifying the holiday season. If you want less stress and more joy at this time of year check out .

Happy stressless, crapless and joy-filled holidays celebrating all that is good and free. The return of the sun, Winter Solstice, is almost upon us (in the northern hemisphere).

Love and light to all.


  1. Anonymous11/28/2016

    The secret is that everyday is a celebration on our beautiful planet.

  2. I'm making just about all the Christmas gifts this year. My children have made calendars at school, which we will give to grandparents and uncles. I'm knitting and baking for teachers and other family members. My children as usual will have one very small gift each from us as well as a larger combined one. It's not totally Buy Nothing but it is very simple, very frugal and everything is given with much love. I'm watching with interest the latest Ƨraze' to whip through the country ...the latest MUST HAVE toy (that my poor deprived children have no idea of it's existence lol). I'm saddened and actually surprised that people are paying 4 times as much for such items as they were originally sold for. To each their own I guess but wow. It does make me wonder how much debt is incurred this time of year in the name of Christmas.

  3. At 5:00 PM yesterday, Cyber Monday, NPR announced that US Americans had spent half a BILLION dollars buying stuff online. We still had 7 hours to go before Cyber Monday ended. Staggering.

    Are we making any progress? I don't know.

    When I tried to back out of traveling over the holidays, it caused a huge upset in my family that will take a long time to repair. I need this tiny connection, so I must find a way to attend and participate at least minimally. Weighing the pros and cons, this seems best.

    I'm having a low information season as well as a low spending one. Reducing the bombardment of upsetting political news and advertisers trying to suck away every possible dime from us is too much. Way too much. So I'm practicing my favorite simple living mantra, REFUSE. Refuse to let too much of anything in.

    1. Anonymous11/30/2016

      Terri- I recently had my facebook account deleted ( you have to request FB to delete it for you). Too much information and hate speech wasn't good for my well being. I've found that I need to simplify media as well as physical stuff.

      I thought I had my family on board for no gifts at christmas, but found out this week that my sister bought me a gift. I'm adamant in not buying gifts, I feel it's her choice knowing that I won't reciprocate.

      It's understandable that you have to make an effort to spend time with family. It's not worth the hurt feelings. I know I need my family and wouldn't want to alienate them if possible. Although we've had our moments!

    2. Deleting FB account is a really good idea. I did that a long time ago. Back on it because it is the way my daughter communicates with me. I miss a lot of her life and that thread of a connection if I don't have a FB account. My family is very small. Only 2 relatives speak to me.

      I've heard you speak of having your family on board with no gifts. Yes, it is their choice. You are on the right track. Stand your ground. It's not easy.

      We evolved to need each other. We evolved to be a part of a tribe. Our survival depended on it. I'm not shy but I am an introvert more than an extrovert, but still need people. When one lives in severe isolation the need for any social connection becomes astronomical in size. Sadly, it causes us to do things we might not otherwise do in order to be somewhat "in" any kind of group that we can get into.

      I'm making an effort, AGAIN, to find some friends face to face. I loved the question Gregg posed to us in a post a few years ago, "Who are your people." I'm challenged and committed to being their "people" and finding friends I can call my people. That post was very meaningful to me.

  4. Anonymous11/29/2016

    Prices of fruit and vegetables have tripled here in supermarkets and greengrocers. We spend on essentials even if we don't celebrate. Yesterday I went to donate to charity shop and I noticed boxes of hand knitted gloves, scarves, hats going for 50 cents.All brand new.Are those handmade gifts that ungrateful people donate?Good I don't make handmade gifts, it would make me very upset, after all labour of love ended unloved. I am not doing bad financially, nearly every week I give some money to people that are not doing well. Here you can even get present for your dog or cat.Society made even an animals consumer. Saffron Australia


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