July 1, 2016

No Hurry To Buy Anything

Zig Ziglar worked in sales and was also a motivational speaker. 

Zig Ziglar worked in sales for a variety of companies. A life time of selling taught him that consumers in no hurry to buy anything were a problem for the salesperson.

'Buy now, or never. Last day of sale. Supplies almost out. Get what you want now. Hurry. Don't delay, don't think about it, topple in to the murky river of consumerism with both feet encased in diamond encrusted gilded concrete shoes. Now.'

With FOMO so prevalent these days, it is easy to fall for advertising that manufactures a false sense of having to make purchases with the most haste and enthusiasm you can muster. "Vanquish that fear of missing out", they whisper, "and buy now".

Gotcha! Unless you are not in a hurry and can't be compelled to buy into the false panic and rush.

If someone tells you that you need to buy something now or miss out, stash your wallet and run. Don't look back. Make a purchase in haste, and often you will end up wasting money, or owning things you don't need or want.

In my experience, if you really need something, you will usually get it. I like to allow the thing or situation to find me, rather than the other way around. Like waiting for a round pizza pan to arrive, then finding a perfect pan in our building's metal recycling. 100% off.

The universe has a way of providing things, often in unexpected ways, if only you are patient. As John Steinbeck observed, "If it is right, it happens. The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away."


  1. Oh, man! I needed that Steinbeck quote. It let the pressure off and mellowed me out...thank you.

  2. The universe has just rewarded my patience. I've been wanting a particular type of bedspread for, oh about 16 years now. The bedspread I have is starting to disintegrate (though I will be able to repair and get a bit more use out of it.). Anyhow, bumped into a colleague at the Op shop the other day when he spotted this beautiful bedspread. He helped me spread it out to check the condition etc... and it was near perfect. It was also about AUD$240 less than a new one. The funny thing is that after waiting so long I'm quite happy to just wash it and put it in the cupboard for when I really need it. And then I will get to enjoy it for many years. The extra lovely bonus is that it wasn't made in an Asian sweat shop like many of the new ones, it was made in Europe. Ah, slow shopping, I love it!



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